Sportsbet Banned You? How To Avoid Account Restrictions & Closures

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Chances are you’ve landed on this article after you’ve been banned from Sportsbet or one of Australia’s other large corporate bookmakers  Unfortunately we’ve heard reports of this happening with Sportsbet, Tab and other bookmakers to varying degrees.

Can Betting Sites Ban You For Winning Too Much?

Unfortunately Australian betting sites are legally allowed to ban or restrict accounts at their discretion providing they have written this into their terms & conditions. There’s plenty of people upset with these practices and calls for changes to the law, however at the time of writing Australian bookmakers are within their rights to do so.

However, there are some genuine Australian bookmakers who have a reputation for welcoming winners – two of the most prominent are Bet Right and Topsport.

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Bet Right

The major betting agencies have advanced algorithms in place to flag unprofitable punters and take steps to minimise their exposure to your punting prowess. Initially you may notice that promotions and bonuses are removed from your account – this is an early warning sign that you’ve got their attention, from there highly successful punters can often have the amount they’re allowed to wager on certain events limited down to just a couple of bucks. Finally, if you’re consistently cleaning them out, or land a huge win, and promptly withdraw that cash you could find your account closed permanently.

How To Avoid Betting Account Restrictions & Closures

Whilst this doesn’t sit right with many Australians, it is possible to lessen the chances of having your account banned or restricted by following a couple of strategies to ensure you fly under their radar for as long as possible.

Don’t Withdraw Your Entire Balance

After a big win, it can be tempting to withdraw your entire balance – on one hand this is actually smart move to ensure you don’t fall into the trap of punting away your winnings. However, if you do a ‘smash and grab’ on any of the major betting agencies you essentially take away their chance of winning some or all of that money back – giving them an incentive to close your account. If you’ve had some large wins, try withdrawing your money in relatively small increments, whilst continuing to place regular wagers – leaving a bankroll in your account as a carrot for the bookies.

The above advice only applies if you’ve got the discipline to not gamble away your entire winnings over time – if you’re not confident you’ll be able to exercise some self control, we recommend clearing out your account and copping the ban on the chin. You can always start fresh with one of the other quality betting sites Australia has to offer once you’ve spent your winnings wisely.

Avoid Betting Specific Amounts

If you’re placing bets in very specific amounts, like $17.50, $21.30 – the bookies are going to suspect you’re engaged in unit betting (typically the sign of a professional punter) or Match Betting which involves betting on both outcomes via a bookmaker and a betting exchange to guarantee a profit based on an odds discrepancy. Betting sites aren’t big fans of these techniques and will quickly move to close your account if you start to get too much of an upper hand. If you are going to follow a betting strategy that requires betting in units rather than round dollar figures, consider spreading your bet across multiple betting agencies and split them into a larger round number and a smaller specific number – for example $50 with one bookmaker and $8.20 with another. Given $8.20 is a relatively small bet it’s unlikely to concern the second bookie as much. Providing the odds are the same across both betting sites, you’ll still win the same amount as if you bet $58.20 with the one bookie but hopefully without drawing attention to your betting strategy.

Split Your Bets Across Multiple Bookmakers

Whether you’ve got a ‘mate in the know’ or you’re a sports fanatic with enough insight to continually back winners it’s widely recommended to spread your stake across multiple betting agencies. For example if you’re planning on loading up on a horse based on a red hot tip, rather than betting say $150 on the nose with one bookie, split that into 3 separate stakes of $50 across 3 bookies. Providing you get the same odds across the 3 betting agencies you’ll win the same amount without raising any red flags. We’ve made recommendations for 9 of Australia’s best betting sites on Betting Sites Australia so you’ve got plenty of options for spreading your bets via multiple bookies.

We recommend PlayUp, Picklebet, Betright and Betr.

Consider Your Winning Percentage

Ultimately your goal is to give the betting agencies the impression that you’re just an average punter who occasionally gets lucky. One method of staying one step ahead of their algorithm involves placing regular opposing bets via two different bookmakers. For example, placing a bet on one team via the bookie A and the other team via a bookie B. Providing the odds are the same for both bookies, you’ll end up winning nothing and losing nothing however, you’ve reduced your winning percentage for one of the bookies. Yes your winning percentage has increased for the other bookie, however this can be offset via another bet with a 3rd, 4th and 5th bookie and so on. As long as you’re showing regular losses across your betting accounts you’ve got less of a chance of having your account flagged as unusually successful. If you’re going to try this method, make sure you keep an accurate tracker of your bets!

Diversify Your Betting Patterns

If you’re continually betting on specific sports or racing tracks (and winning), you could be flagged as an expert punter who’s got it over the bookmaker. By mixing up your betting patterns and placing stakes across a variety of sports and racing events, you’ll likely maintain a lower profile in their system and avoid being identified as a gun punter. So whilst you continue to knock it out of the park at Randwick, make sure you’re having a little punt on the footy to throw them off your scent.

Use Sneaky Multi Bets

Betting agencies are big fans of multi bets as with multiple variables at play they’re generally harder for punters to win. If you’ve got the inside mail on a ‘sure thing’ and want to load up on it – it can be worth including it in a multi with only a few other short priced legs to disguise your big bet.

Time Your Bets

Placing regular successful bets days out from a race or game can give the impression that you’re a pro punter taking aim early in the week  Place your bets the day of the event where possible to avoid sticking out from the crowd.

Use a Betting Exchange

If you’re serious about punting and don’t want to worry about hiding in the shadows from the large corporate bookmakers, check out Betfair! Rather than betting against a bookmaker Betfair allows you to place bets against other punters – meaning there’s no pesky algorithms stalking your every move and no chance of your account being banned. Betfair takes a small commission from each bet, so has no skin in the game when it comes to who wins and who loses. Quite often you’ll find Betfair has better odds than your traditional type of bookmaker as they’re set by the punters, not some statistical genius in a corporate head office. The only downside of betting exchanges like Betfair is that there needs to be someone willing to take the opposite bet (laying vs backing) however for most Aussies betting on mainstream racing and sports this won’t be a problems.

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The above are just a few strategies you can try to fly under the radar and keep your betting account open for as long as possible – ultimately there is no 100% certain strategy for avoiding betting site bans (except for Betfair!). Losing punters mean big business to the betting agencies and unless laws are changed they’re going to continue to try to weed out the members who continue to clean them out.

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Ben Leighton

Ben Leighton

Ben has been an avid horse racing, AFL, NRL, NBA and EPL fan for as long as he can remember. Born and bred in Melbourne, Ben loves nothing more than getting along to the footy to cheer on his beloved North Melbourne Kangaroos and getting trackside for as many Flemington and Caulfield horse racing meets at possible. Ben is our head writer at Betting Sites Australia.

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