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Whilst there are over 100 betting sites in Australia – not all are classified as corporate bookmakers. In order to be considered a corporate bookmaker, a valid sports bookmaker license must be issued by a relevant state body. As of April 2024, there are 83 licensed corporate bookmakers, TABs and betting exchanges in Australia according to the AMCA Register

The other Australian betting sites are generally operated under licenses granted to individuals who hold an on-course bookmaking license with additional approval for off course bookmaking activities via the internet. 

Keep scrolling for the complete list of online corporate bookmakers licensed in Australia. 


We’ll start with what we consider to be the 12 best online corporate bookmakers in Australia – these bookies all provide great online betting experiences on both desktop & mobile devices, offer consistently strong odds and regular promotions. If you want to view the full list of corporate bookmakers in Australia keep scrolling. 

9.0 / 10
8.0 / 10
8.0 / 10
9.0 / 10
9.0 / 10
9.0 / 10
9.0 / 10
8.5 / 10
Ladbrokes Australia
9.0 / 10
9.5 / 10
8.5 / 10
8.0 / 10
8.0 / 10

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  1. Actionbet (operating under a licence issued to Bbet (Behrmann) Pty Ltd)
  2. BaggyBet
  3. Bbet (operating under a licence issued to Bbet (Behrmann) Pty Ltd)
  4. bet365
  5. Betdeluxe (operating under a licence issued to Amused Australia Pty Ltd)
  6. BetEasy
  7. BetEstate
  8. Betfair
  9. BetFocus
  10. BetGalaxy (operating under a licence issued to Track Pursuits Pty Ltd)
  11. BetGold
  12. BetKings (operating under a licence issued to BetMax Pty Ltd)
  13. BetLocal
  14. BetM (operating under licence issued to MGB Australia Pty Ltd)
  15. Bet Nation (operating under a licence issued to Amused Australia Pty Ltd)
  16. BetProfessor (operating under a licence issued to GiantBet Pty Ltd)
  17. Bet Right (operating under licence issued to IRPSX Pty Ltd)
  18. BetRoyale
  19. betr (operating under a licence issued to NTD Pty Limited)
  21. BlueBet
  22. Booki
  23. Boombet
  24. Bossbet
  25. Buddybet
  26. Cross Bet
  27. Dabble
  28. Draftstars (operating under licence issued to PlayUp Interactive Pty Ltd)
  29. EliteBet
  30. EskanderBet (operating under a licence issued to
  31. SportChamps Australia Pty Ltd)
  32. Foxcatcher Betting
  33. GetSetBet (operating under a licence issued to Swopstakes Australia Pty Ltd)
  34. Goldbet
  35. Group 1 Sports
  37. HOT Bet (operating under a licence issued to Deguara
  38. Cross Bookmaking Pty Ltd)
  39. JuicyBet (operating under a licence issued to JuicyBet Pty Ltd)
  40. Junglebet (operating under a licence issued to Jungle Strategic Pty Ltd)
  41. JustBet
  42. Ladbrokes (operating under licence issued to Entain Group Pty Ltd)
  43. Let’s Bet (operating under a licence issued to Let’s Bet Pty Ltd)
  44. Lottoland
  45. Midasbet
  46. MyBet
  47. Neds (operating under a licence issued to Entain Group Pty Ltd)
  48. Noisy (operating under a licence issued to Amused Australia Pty Ltd)
  49. PalmerBet
    Picklebet (operating under licence issued to Puntaa Pty Ltd)
  50. (operating under a licence issued to Boncorp Holdings Pty Ltd)
  51. PlayUP (operating under licence issued to PlayUp Interactive Pty Ltd)
  52. PointsBet
  53. Puntcity (operating under a licence issued to Pcity Pty Ltd)
  54. Puntnow
  55. Puntondogs
  56. QuestBet
  57. Razoo.Bet (operating under a licence issued to Zoo Entertainment Pty Ltd)
  58. Rivalry
    RWWA, trading as WATAB, TabTouch
  59. SportChamps
  60. Sportsbet
  61. Surge (operating under a licence issued to Amused Australia Pty Ltd)
  62. Swift Bet
  63. Tabcorp ACT
  64. Tabcorp Wagering (Vic)
  65. TAB Limited
  66. Thunderbet (operating under a licence issued to Patton Price Bookmaking Pty Ltd)
  67. Topbet
  68. TopSport
  69. Tradiebet (operating under a licence issued to Bonus Kingdom Pty Ltd)
  70. UBET NT, trading as TAB
  71. UBET Qld, trading as TAB
  72. UBET SA, trading as TAB
  73. UBET Tas, trading as TAB
  74. Ultrabet
  75. Unibet (operating under licence issued to Betchoice Corporation Pty Ltd)
  76. UPCOZ
  78. Vinbet
  79. VolcanoBet
  80. Wellbet
  81. WinnersBet
  82. Winners Bookmaking
  83. Zbet (operating under a licence issued to Zoo Entertainment Pty Ltd)

Why Choose To Bet With A Corporate Bookmaker?

Generally Australian corporate bookmakers offer a more complete online betting experience when compared to on course bookmakers who also offer online betting services. 

Whilst the growth of platforms such as Betmakers has allowed smaller bookies to launch their own new betting sites, ultimately they can’t compete with the bankroll and resources of their larger counterparts. Here’s 4 reasons we recommend you stick with a corporate bookmaker:

Range of Markets

Corporate bookies in Australia offer much greater depth in terms of in game markets on popular sports such as AFL, NRL & Cricket. For example, a typical small betting site run by an on course licensed bookmaker will generally offer between 12 to 20 markets on an AFL fixture which is significantly less than the 100+ markets you’ll find available on the likes of Neds, Ladbrokes and other large Aussie corporate bookmakers. 

Customer Support

With more resources comes the ability to better support their customers so typically corporate bookmakers will offer more customer contact methods, including live chat, over extended hours – providing a much needed safety net if you need help with your account. 

Stronger Odds

As a general rule, corporate bookmakers in Australia offer better odds than sites run by on course bookmakers. With their larger financial resources comes the ability to offer value packed odds across racing & sports events as they’re able to wear any potential losses more comfortably than the smaller operators.  

Regular Promotions

Also due to their financial backing, corporate bookmakers typically offer more frequent promotions for their customers including bonus bets, odds boost and more. Smaller bookies generally don’t have the funds or the resources to run regular promos. 

The Best Australian Bookmaker

When it comes to choosing the best bookmaker Australia has to offer PlayUp is our pick. PlayUp continually offers some of the strongest odds out of all Aussie bookmakers. Their website and apps are incredibly fast and easy to use and their customer support is available 24/7. With a variety of secure payment options and live racing streaming, PlayUp is the complete package. 



PlayUp is a no fuss betting site with great odds – which will definitely appeal to serious Aussie punters.


  • Super fast website
  • Australian owned & operated
  • Consistently great odds


  • No live streaming

Overall Rating

PlayUp Info

  • Betting Site: PlayUp
  • Website:
  • Established: 2019
  • Australian Owned?: Yes
  • Australian Operations?: Yes – Sydney, NSW
  • Licensed By: Northern Territory Racing Commission
  • PlayUp Max Payout: $250,000 AUD
  • PlayUp Withdrawal Times: Processed same day if received by 4pm weekdays. Can take up to a day for you to receive your funds depending on your bank
  • PlayUp Login: Top right hand corner
  • PlayUp App: Yes – Apple & Android

View the full list of betting sites Australia offers.

New Australian Bookmakers

The last few years has seen a flurry of new Australian bookmakers launching onto the market as online gambling continues to grow in popularity down under.  In our opinion, the top 3 new online bookmakers, available in 2024  are:

  1. Colossalbet
  2. Bet Right
  3. TradieBet
  4. JustBet
  5. PlayUp
  6. BetR
  7. TexBet

Small Online Bookmakers

If you’d prefer a more boutique betting experience, there’s multiple smaller online bookmakers operating in Australia to choose from. The BetMakers platform has enabled many small bookies to launch professional looking, easy to use betting sites. Some of the better small online bookmakers in Australia include:

  1. Zbet
  2. TopSport
  3. BetRight

Frequently Asked Questions About Australian Bookmakers

Based on our experience and comprehensive research, the best online bookies available in Australia are:

  1. PlayUp
  2. Neds
  3. Bet365
  4. Ladbrokes

Ultimately the best bookie for you depends on your sporting interests and betting knowledge. The above three bookmakers will appeal to both new and experienced punters across a range of racing and sports events. 

Yes, many of Australia’s smaller betting sites are run by on course bookmakers who have additional licensing conditions granted to accept bets via the internet. 

Bookmakers assign a probability to every possible outcome of a race or sporting event with the total adding up to 100%. Bookies then introduce a margin on each price to ensure they make a profit. 

Odds will vary between Australian online bookmakers on any given event, however, upon review we found these bookies to consistently offer the best odds:

  1. Ladbrokes
  2. Sportsbet
  3. Neds
  4. Bet365

According to their website, Sportsbet claim to have over 2 million active customers in Australia, making them the biggest online bookie in Australia. 

You can open as many online betting accounts as you like in Australia, however you can only hold one account with each bookmaker. Signing up to multiple betting sites can be beneficial for ensuring you have access to the best odds.  

Nine Australian bookmakers currently offer PayPal as a deposit and withdrawal method – these include:

  1. Neds
  2. Ladbrokes 
  3. Palmerbet
  4. Bet365
  5. Unibet
  6. Sportsbet
  7. Bookmaker
  8. Betfair
  9. Betstar