How Bookies Know You’re Arbing

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Arbitrage betting, or “arbing,” allows savvy punters to guarantee a profit by placing bets on all possible outcomes of an event. But this strategy that exploits different odds at various bookmakers has bookies fighting back with high-tech detection methods.

What exactly is arbing and why are bookies so against it? Keep reading to learn how bookmakers try to sniff out arbers, and some crafty tips punters use to avoid getting caught.

How Arbitrage Betting Works

Arbing involves placing multiple bets with different bookmakers to cover all potential outcomes of an event. By taking advantage of slight differences in odds at various bookies, the bettor locks in a small but guaranteed profit regardless of the result.

For example, Backer A bets $1000 on Team A to win at 2.05 odds, and $950 on Team B at 2.10 odds. This guarantees a $5 profit no matter if A or B wins.

While not illegal, arbing exploits bookies’ odds and risks reducing profits. So bookmakers utilise advanced tracking methods to identify and crack down on arbers.

How Bookmakers Know That You’re Arbitrage Betting

Bookmakers have many techniques up their sleeves to spot questionable betting patterns that signal arbing activity:

Monitoring Betting Patterns

  • Unusual consistently high stakes on outcomes with arbing potential
  • Precise balancing of stakes to guarantee profit

Tracking Account Details

  • Multiple accounts with same IP address or betting patterns
  • Unusual specificity of stake amounts

Analysing Bet Timing

  • Bets placed right before odds change
  • Bets timed with use of automation tools

Player Profiling

  • Algorithms identifying professional betting behaviour

Bonus Abuse

  • Churning through bonuses at high volumes

How to Avoid Detection When Arbing

Arbers have adopted some crafty tricks to avoid getting caught:

  1. Blend in – Mimic typical betting patterns of a casual punter
  2. Vary odds – Don’t just bet on best arbitrage odds available
  3. Mix it up – Make some non-arbing bets on popular markets
  4. Limit bonuses – Don’t aggressively exploit every promo
  5. Avoid extremes – Don’t bet on odds with locks too good to be true
  6. Cautious use of automation – Don’t overuse arbitrage alert tools
  7. Inconspicuous transactions – Moderate withdrawal and deposit amounts/frequency

However, even the sneakiest arbitrage bettor leaves behind traces that bookies can pick up on. The reality is arbing always carries inherent risks of account restrictions or banning.

The bottom line? Arbing can be profitable but requires meticulous effort to avoid getting caught. Know the bookies have stacked odds in their favor when it comes to detection. And remember – always gamble responsibly!

Written By:

Ben Leighton

Ben Leighton

Ben has been an avid horse racing, AFL, NRL, NBA and EPL fan for as long as he can remember. Born and bred in Melbourne, Ben loves nothing more than getting along to the footy to cheer on his beloved North Melbourne Kangaroos and getting trackside for as many Flemington and Caulfield horse racing meets at possible. Ben is our head writer at Betting Sites Australia.

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